One day I noticed that more and more people are entering the building materials industry without a background in any field related to our business.

It occurred to me that I could share my over thirty years experience in the building materials industry and on job sites to make things easier for these people and their employers.  With this in mind, I created this information exchange platform.

Here people can learn the basics of building materials and where to find them.  Also I provide insight to the various behind the scenes aspects of the industry such as manufacturing trusses or doors, different aspects of framing, how a house goes from a piece of paper to a load of lumber on a job site.

This is the beginning of what I hope is a long and interesting journey.

Again, welcome and I’m excited to share this adventure with you!

– Bobby Jinkens


Episode 3 - Cornice Soffit & Sheathing

In this video, I talk about cornice soffit & sheathing when framing a home.

Episode 4 - Lumber Grades & Details

Today I talk about the various types of lumber and how to identify them.

Episode 5 - Details of Cornice Materials

In this episode, we continue to explore various types of lumber for building focusing on cornice materials.

Episode 6 - The Basics of Baseboards and Trim

Bobby educates you on the overall basics of baseboards and trim in a house.

Episode 7 - Deck Boards

Deck boards, composite screws, fasteners and railings are the subject of this video.

Episode 8 - Blueprints to Lumber

In this video Bobby educates you on how blueprints transition into a load of lumber.


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